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Ben Franklin Craft Closeout Sale Roy Utah

When I arrived at 8:35, I had to park way down on a side street. The line surrounded the building. However, it was to no avail. My advice to all is don’t waste your time on this one! They raised their prices 20%, then made everything 20% off. You’d best just go to JoAnn’s or Michael’s. The only things that are 50% off are springtime yard decor, ugly baskets to hang plants in, and fake pine boughs. I saw nothing 30, 40, 60 or 70% off. The majority of the people are going in, walking around, and leaving.

Being a business owner, I think the owner was awfully stupid to pay all that money for advertising, get all those people there, then try to pull a stunt like this.  Does he think women are stupid?


One thought on “Ben Franklin Craft Closeout Sale Roy Utah

  1. I agree completely!! I only purchased one thing and it was something that I had been planning on buying there anyway! I was so excited to get there and then totally disappointed once I was there. The lady that helped us at the register said that they still have stock that they haven’t even put out yet! They are planning on being open for about 6 more weeks and are planning on increasing the discounts the later into that 6 weeks they are open. I agree, it was a total waste of my time this morning!


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