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Pitch Practicing- Fun!

Last night I went to my Absolutely Write (League of Utah Writers) meeting. Our President told us about his experiences pitching at a pitching conference last year. Then we practiced pitching to each other. I had nothing ready. I did better the second time than the first, because the first person I pitched to helped me out. Then we wrote a little blurb (short introduction) for ourselves, to use in a pitching session, or to say in 30 seconds on an elevator.

Mine goes like this:

Hi. I’m Lisa Jackson. I have an 80,000 word young adult paranormal about an earth with no adults and a heaven full of parents battling to communicate with the children they left behind.

I also learned about some writing conferences, a critique group, and got to know some members a little more. I got some contact information, too. The friendship part is the best part of the whole deal!


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