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Vegan Convenience Food Review

Vegan Products photoA few of these I have tried. I’ll tell you what I already know, and what I am going to learn and tell you about when I try them.

I love Rice Dream and hate “Silk” Soy drink. Rice Dream is like Skim milk, only slightly sweeter. It is fortified with Calcium and other nutrients you’d get if you drank milk. Because I love that and found out that the most recent Ben & Jerry’s Sorbet I tried, which was WAY SUGARY and WAY TOO SWEET actually had an egg component in it, I decided to try Almond Carob Rice Dream Frozen Treat. Oh, my goodness. That is so yummy! It isn’t too sweet and is much healthier. (Check out the ingredients when you go in to the store.)

Earth Balance spread made with Olive Oil is yummy, too. It tastes just like our Country Crock, and works great melted and poured on popcorn, and also spread on toast! I haven’t tried it for any other purpose yet. I just bought a 2nd tub, because my 1st is almost gone. Don’t be afraid to try this one. It is so normal looking and tasting. It is delicious!

Amy’s Vegan Shepherd’s Pie (not pictured) and Amy’s Vegan Pot Pie (made with tofu) are so delicious and very filling. I have either bought the store out of them, or have nearly done so, pretty much whenever I go. They take about 45 minutes to cook in the oven, but are oh, so worth the wait!

Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps are good and very healthy. My preschool daughter adores them. They do get soggy quick, though, and I hate that. I may buy them again, maybe.

Amy’s Vegan Burgers are extremely nutritious, but, after trying part of one, I didn’t even care how much I’d spent on them. They sat in my freezer 1 month. While de-junking the freezer to make space one day, I decided I’d never eat them. I threw them away in the trash can. They were so disgusting! It was like eating cardboard. I have also tried those meat replacers made to have exactly the same nutrients that beef has, made for people who need to approve of these things for school lunch or nutrition programs at schools or preschools. Avoid these at all costs, because they are rubbery (like eating a bunch of fat from meat) and taste like flour and water, which they consist mostly of. Gardenburgers and Black Bean Burgers are not Vegan, as they contain eggs (sad). Most Boca products contain cheese (also sad). Original Vegan Boca Burgers taste great and are very healthy. I just nuke them in the microwave 1 minute 45 seconds for a small one, or, as I had larger  ones last month, they took 2 minutes to heat. Costco in my area (sillies) stopped carrying them (that makes me mad).

Last night, I was shopping for this stuff for an hour and a half, and then went straight to Parent Night at the Elementary School. When I returned home, I discussed things with my kids and husband. By the time I was ready to eat, it was very late at night, and I hadn’t time. I decided to break out a microwave dinner I had just purchased, “Helen’s Pasta Primavera.” While the dinner was cooking (4 minutes) I prepared a multigrain toast covered with Adams Peanut Butter, some fresh strawberries & a tall glass of water to go with the dinner. The dinner was made with marinated Tofu, non-egg pasta, a teeny bit of tomato sauce, broccoli, and very few small pieces of carrot, red pepper and onions, I think. It was delicious! I will definitely buy that again. As I won’t find balanced vegan meals at local fast food joints, this is the better choice for me, even though it is much more pricey than a non-vegan microwave dinner.

Starlite Beef Style and Black Bean Style Taquitos are very delicious. The Beef Style are less spicy and I think they taste slightly better because of that, but I like them both, and bought both again. Try them!

Helen’s Pasta Primavera, Rice Dream, Rice Dream Carob Almond Frozen treat, Earth Balance Spread made with Olive Oil, Vegan Boca burgers, and Amy’s Shepherd’s Pie and Veggie Pot Pie are all recommendations! They’re great!

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