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My Cutting & Carving Saturday Night

Cutting & Carving Linoleum Plates for Multicolor Print

Progress on cutting & carving my linoleum plate for printmaking, along with tools of the trade.

Saturday night after we put the kids to bed, my husband settled at the computer to watch the Weber State University away game. I sat behind him at my art table to cut and carve away at my linoleum plates. I have only until Friday to get this piece done and framed. I am really beginning to feel the pressure. I have 2 blocks carved and one left to finish cutting and carving. I do cutting before I carve even though it is slow and shows no progress, because it prevents me from slipping. Slipping is like making a big dark mess when doing a pencil drawing, where you want it to be white. If I slip and carve a piece out, it will forever show up blank when printing, and I cannot glue the linoleum piece back in. I must not slip. Linocutting is a slow and tedious process; Mistakes are not tolerated. They cannot be corrected.


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