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Busy with Housework

I have been very busy with housework lately. Today before 8:45 a.m., I did the dishes by hand and emptied and loaded the dishwasher! This week I am doing pretty good at keeping up. I say pretty good, because compared to how clean I’d like my house to be, it is not so great, but I am doing much better than I used to be able to do. Let me tell you, every kid you have adds major big time to the housework load!

My art studio is a mess, so that is today’s goal, along with keeping care of my kids.

Vegans, I just posted a yelp review for the Village Grill in Clearfield, Utah. It’s great for vegans! Also, I love Amy’s vegan enchilada frozen meal and Helen’s Kitchen’s Indian Curry frozen vegan meal. MMM! They’re great. I have decided lately to use a rice cooker instead of getting microwave only brown rice. Aren’t you proud of me for saving money? Yay, me!

My daughter is doing really well at going potty lately, which will help a lot with money. Those pull-ups are expensive! She hates naked bum training, which she has to do when she messes up. That motivates her like nothing else! Yay!


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