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I Met Blanche Wilson

I met my woodcut hero, Blanche Wilson. She’s awesome! I got to see almost all of her woodcuts. I met her husband. She is very talented, kind and helpful. She was a portrait artist (with pencil and other things) for her first 30 years as a serious artist. She said after sending slides many times to galleries, she decided the better bet was to take her art in and show it to them.

I learned so much from her! I like her idea of writing which numbers in the edition she’s printed, on the side of the block. She told me where she gets what supplies.

Most unusual to find in the U.S. (Japanese tools) http://www.imcclains.com/

More common in the U.S. (still hard to find) http://www.danielsmith.com/Category–Printmaking–m-07

She gets wood from http://www.manta.com/c/mmc8ykh/ellis-planing-mill

I didn’t know about those things. She has lots of brayers, not just one, so that she doesn’t have to go clean in between every time. She has woodcutting tools that last longer and a really cool baren with bamboo husk on it. She has real glass to mix and roll her ink on. She makes Christmas cards out of woodcuts. She has 3 bench hooks, about 20 x 20.” I traded handyman Dave Bennett business cards and a business card design for a new kitchen drawer and a maple bench hook made for a right-hander (my old one is for a left-hander). I feel happy to have made a good trade.


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