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The Best Kind of (Homeschool) Tears

I have to tell you about this. I had my daughter in Dance and Gymnastics class. I was home with the other kids. I told my son I wanted him to read for a half hour. He said, “I want to read the Book of Mormon.” He asked if I’d read it with him. I did. Every other verse, taking turns, we read in Jacob 2. http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/jacob/2?lang=eng&query=jacob+chapter+2

Every once in a while, I stopped to explain what he was saying and why, or to answer a question. One time, he asked a question and I explained that because of the bad things they were doing, even though he would rather just to help them feel good inside because their hearts were needing it, God had commanded him to tell them what they were doing wrong, because God wanted them to come back to live with Him again someday.

My son began to cry. He wanted to go back to the Celestial Kingdom to live with Heavenly Father again someday. “Oh, sweetheart,” I said, “Come here. Come here to your mama. Sit on my lap.” He came and sat on my lap. He told me he felt bad about the bad things he has done. I asked him if he wanted to pray to Heavenly Father and tell Him he was sorry, and ask forgiveness. He said yes. We prayed together. Then I told him about the steps of repentance. He repeated and reviewed them with me, of his own accord, to make sure he could remember them. I asked him whether he felt better. He said he felt a little better, but wanted to stop doing bad things, so he could feel even better.

He said he wanted to help me out, and that he’d clean the house today for me.

Then we continued reading a little while longer. We had a great day.

These are the best moments ever! I know this could not have happened had he been gone, away from me, at a school away from home. I love homeschool, and it is the best thing ever for my family.

It is hard, and I am not amazing because I am able to do it. With things like this happening often, my life is easier in as many ways as it is harder. The ways homeschool makes life easier are so many, but here are a few of my favorites:

1) We don’t have to wait for graduation from High School to let the kids learn wood shop from their Grandpa (which they are doing today for homeschool). (No. I am not their only teacher).

2) The kids learn that keeping the house clean is part of every day living. We can’t do that learning activity they are just dying to do RIGHT NOW, until the living and dining rooms are clean (so they clean them fast & cheerfully).

3) We are all the “custodians” and the “cooks” of our school. The kids learn to clean the dining room, load and unload the dishwasher, prepare a nutritious meal (each his or her own preferences), set the table and serve their littler siblings meals.

4) Spiritual, Gospel Lessons and Scriptures are learned and studied a lot more often. They learn to spell, to read, learn the History of the Americas before Columbus (the real one) and learn about life and many things, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

5) Having the Spirit of the Holy Ghost with us more, helps us to learn more, and learn faster.

6) Learning happens all day, all afternoon, in the evenings, late at night, early in the morning and all summer long, and they love it. It doesn’t happen only between these certain hours on a certain government specified number of hours and days in a year.

If you have not, yet, please watch this, one of my favorite videos.


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