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Painting Fall Leaves Pine View Dam

We had a wonderful girl tend our kids and Jeff and I went to Pine View Dam"Fall Leaves at Pine View Dam," Lisa C. Jackson 2012 so I could paint the fall leaves. My painting was crappy the whole time. I learned a lot. Here is what I learned.
1- When you haven’t plein-air painted for a long time, there are a lot of things you have forgotten, which you must learn again, unfortunately.
2- Make sure you have all the right colors you need before going out.
3- Get better brushes, paints, and palette knives.
4- Always bring slow dry medium.
5- Don’t skip the creation of multiple thumbnail drawings to plan for value, shape, and color composition.
6- Don’t skip the drawing it in with charcoal pencil.
7- Paint the background colors. Let Dry 5 min. Paint basic shapes/ values on top of that, let dry 5 min.
8- Don’t try to scrape off areas of color with the palette knife, for trees, when the paint has already dried or has become cakey.
9- Take fall colors to paint fall leaves, and winter scene colors to paint a winter scene. Also, never leave home without all of the basic colors (especially the values, primaries & secondaries).
10- You can’t fit everything into the painting. Pick and choose. Leave out most everything, and put in only the necessary.
11- Don’t cover up the picture with stuff in the foreground, unless you want to make a really annoying picture.
I think that about sums it up. So, I have a practice painting here, which is not lovely.


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