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Christmas Around the World & Etc.

Today we did potato printmaking.

We really enjoyed going to Box Elder County’s “Christmas Around the World.” I love the chance to talk with other homeschool moms and for my hubby to get to know other homeschool dads. I think it was tons of fun and good socializing with other homeschool kids. 

We really enjoyed the Charter School program we wet to wherein the kids performed. 

We really enjoyed my daughter’s dance performance. 

We really enjoyed finishing the Harry Potter series yesterday morning. 

We have learned a lot about Native American Tribes lately. 

I like that I can do math with my kids and immediately know when they don’t understand, so I can immediately help them understand. I hated waiting until parent teacher conference to hear that, by the way, for this past quarter of the year, your child has had a hard time with math, so he’s been in the lowest math group. 

I really would like to get together more with other home schooling families, and I love taking every opportunity to do so.

Yesterday, we cleaned the living room, dining room and kitchen well, together, so that we could put up the Christmas tree.

I am working on getting reimbursed for some of the school supplies I bought.

I have added 2 chapters to my novel, typed. I also have a hand-written one I have to add in. I have noticed I need to add backstory and subplot items to all of the chapters, little by little. 


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