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Rip up the Math Workbooks. Rip them up!

My mom taught me to rip up math workbooks (rip sheets out) when I went to help her prepare for a new school year for her elementary class one time. I have done so with many a workbook. I have manilla folders with topics, not grade levels, on them. “Simple division; Division with remainders; fractions with common denominators; least common multiples; geometry; algebra for elementary; multiplication basics; multiplying 3 by 3 digits,” etc. That way, my kids can say, “I want to learn more fractions,” and I don’t have to say, “Sorry, that is on page 120. You are on page 46. Keep going. You’ll get there!” I can just say, “Oh. O.K.” and go get some sheets about fractions. Kids don’t have to do stuff in some authority-presented order. Your child may just be sick of review and drilling. Your child may have been working on that particular topic in math, over and over again, because you and the teacher, want him or her, to “get it.” Give your child a break from the topic. If it is multiplication practice/drilling your child is sick of, try geometry or probability, or make some graphs from interviews he does personally. It’s fun to break it up. Just a short while ago, my son was sick of multiplication. He said he wanted fractions and geometry. So be it! We have been doing just that. This helps him continue to progress, and get a break (from what he was sick of) at the same time. Yesterday, he was on BigBrainz again, doing multiplication. He just needed a break!

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