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Flexible Homeschool Schedule (not calendar-based)

Our Home learning schedule is pretty unique. I have it based on a “Loop Schedule,” and I like it.

I thought you might like to see my complex yet simple homeschool schedule. I have perfected it over time. I found that doing math and Language arts daily, gives me little time and only leaves time for a quick worksheet. I have found that having fewer subjects per day gives me more time with each, enabling us to do more and get into it more. I also found that putting a specific day, such as every Monday and every Wednesday, we do this, or even every fourth Tuesday, we do that, or even every 6 weeks, we do this or that, does not work, because then, inevitably, we skip something the kids have been looking forward to, like “Cooking,” or “Sewing,” because it is a sick day or a field trip day. This also has no scheduled field trips, because I don’t usually know whether we are truly going, until the morning of.

I made sure that I prioritized the subjects the way I think is best for our family. I put in specifics for mornings, afternoons and evenings, because they are so important to the Homeschool days. Cleaning at night and having the kids shower the afternoon before, assure us that we won’t have to do those during the homeschool days.

This is flexible with which days we do them as well as which hours we do them. I like that. It makes it so that we’ll never skip a subject. We won’t move off of that shape & color day until we have completed the items included on the paper for that shape & color. It is possible that we could do them on Saturdays. It is possible we could take 2 days to do one, and it is also possible to complete 2 or 3 colored shapes in one day on some days when we want to get a lot done.

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_20

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_19

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_18

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_17

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_16

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_15

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_14

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_13

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_12

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_11

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_10

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_09

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_08

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_07

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_06

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_05

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_04

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_03

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_02

School Schedule Fall 2013-A_Page_01

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