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What Homeschooling is REALLY Like Day to Day

I need to post this for people who homeschool and for people considering doing it.

Homeschooling Day to Day: What is it REALLY like?

1/3 Chaotic, awful days that make you want to scream, run away from home, put your kids back in public school, send them to an insane asylum or hire a maid, a nanny and a cook. The kids don’t wanna do it. This is boring. Why do they always have to…? Why do they have to do a chore to help with the household duties? You want to kick the T.V. in, because they won’t stop begging you for it. You feel like no matter what you do, they will never do as you ask. Your meals are probably less nutritious. The house is a disaster pit. Everything is disorganized. Nobody is happy or getting along. Nobody feels like they need to help. Someone is misbehaving so badly, that you cannot do learning at all. If someone sampled this day as an example of what homeschool is like day to day, nobody would ever want to homeschool. You’d turn all of those interested in homeschool, into “definitely never considering that again” people.

1/3 Wonderful, Heaven-blessed, perfect days where everything goes right and if you wanted to brag about the awesomeness of a homeschool day, you’d use a day like this! Your kids love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their testimonies are bursting with love for and faith in God. They are ahead academically and love learning. You cover so much curriculum, you feel like you are soaring like eagles. You want to tell everyone how great homeschooling is. You want to homeschool forever. They hug you and tell you you are a wonderful mom. They are kind to one another, serve one another, love you and love each other. They do everything you ask of them happily and the house is clean. You have nutritious meals and everyone is well-groomed.

1/3 In the middle, average days, where learning and homeschool are routine, hum-drum, and run-of the mill. These days, you make it through, and it is neither really awesome, nor horrible. These days don’t match either category above. Your kids do all their work. It is an average amount. Nothing remarkable happens, but you sigh in relief. Another day done. We finished our stuff. Sigh. You are glad you made it, and it was a good day.

*I do not know whether these fractions are perfect. The exact amounts are incalculable. This is just my estimate. Don’t sue me if you come into homeschool, and your fractions are way different.


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