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My Black Friday & Cyber Monday Plans for 2013

I see that many are not going to go out on Black Friday. You people know what you are missing (the crowds, the lines) but don’t know what you are missing (you can get 4 times the things you need, for the same budget). I use envelopes for everything. Our envelopes are ready. I have about 10 Christmas spending envelopes, all labeled with the amounts I am spending in that category. On Thursday, I will go over the ads and cut out stuff. I will tape what I have cut out, with store name written above it. I will go out on Friday after getting plenty of sleep, at about 10 a.m. So, a lot will be gone (but, crowds gone, too). There’s still a lot left, though, and you can still save a lot if you go! If you do not go until 10, you’ll save money, miss the crowds and have a great and happy day. I have found that the secondhand stores (“flea markets”) have great deals on Friday, and there’s lots of good stuff there, too! Don’t forget those on Friday! I can get lots of good clothes & books there, and at great sale prices, to boot! These stores are EMPTY on Black Friday, yet they have some of the best stuff (at least for our budget)!

I am NOT EVER going to go on Thanksgiving. I think it is a pernicious evil, to make people work on Thanksgiving.

I am also looking forward to Cyber Monday, and will make sure my Amazon wish list is ready by then. I have an amount budgeted for that day, too. Cyber Monday is great. There are no crowds to fight, although loading of pages IS SLOWER! You get it sent in the mail, which is great! There are great deals that day, like buy 3 books from this group, get one free.


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