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Does Your Family Do Housework on the Sabbath?

Last night, we got a lot of housework done in just the last 2 hours of the day. I knew I could not bear to start a new week, with the house in that state. I wrote a list of all that needed to be done. I then made lists on the white board for each person. This is very much against the teachings of the bible, which tell us not to work on the Sabbath Day. I know it. Some things just get annoying, though. I have been trying to get my family to do more during the week and on Saturday, so that we won’t have work to do on Sunday. It has not worked so well. I have to give them Do-Lists on Sunday, or do it all myself on Sunday, because it has to be done. We cannot just leave the table covered with dinner, not load the dishwasher and not sweep the floor. We cannot leave ads from the newspaper, to cover the living room floor.

The great thing about it was, that none of us did MUCH work. All of us just pitched in. I still did the most work, because I’m the mom and that’s life, but, hey, it is much better to put in all that work, and get something more out of it, because others are getting stuff done at the same time!  I made sure that the people more likely to get the work done, were given the work that most needed doing. I still tried to be fair, but when you know your family, you’ve got to do that, in order that the most important actually gets done.

I was very pleased before bedtime, but the kids went to bed much later than they usually do, because of all this work. It sure made this morning, and will make the rest of today, more pleasant, I hope. Homeschooling should go more smoothly, being that we have a fairly clean house instead of a disaster pit. Making lunch should be easier, since the dishes are done and the kitchen is fairly clean. Hopefully we’ll eat more nutritious lunches.

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