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Homeschooling Stressful for the Mama?

April into May the best time of the year to home educate, because I get to think about how I do not have to deal with the stressors of tests, reports and projects, for my kids. My kids also don’t have to worry over tests. I get to teach, when the public and public charter schools are testing, which means my kids get extra learning time.

As a mom, the fun of this time also includes a lot of fun things for homeschooled kids to do together. I got to go with my daughter to a mother daughter retreat for homeschool girls and their moms! I have been to that, a few years running, and it is always so amazing! I love getting a few days and nights to spend time with my daughter and with other home educating moms. I love getting to see my daughter see and spend lots of uninterrupted time with other homeschooled girls, her friends.

I love that my kids do not have to stress over tests at this time of year. I love that they do not have to get summer fever, because they can go outside and play during the day all year round. I love that they do not have to say goodbye to their friends or their teacher, because those relationships will just continue. I love that we get to enjoy spring and not have to wait until summer to enjoy the weather!

I am currently working on designing a math curriculum for my kids. It is nice that I do not have to get the approval of anyone else on this. Anyone could dispute any part of it and it does not matter, because I am 100% in charge. I am the decision maker. It’s great. I can change and make new plans every day. Even if I change my plan in the middle of our day, I have nobody to report to about it but my husband and God. Since my husband trusts me and God helps me, I have much less stress than most people think I have.

I think many moms could homeschool, who do not think they could. They think they will be under all their current stressors, and will add many stressors. The truth is, they will be giving up the same amount of stressors they will be gaining. Being a mom to public or charter schooled kids, is much more stressful than they consider most if the time. They can give up so much of their stress.

They will not have to wake their kids and get them ready in a hurry. They will get to sleep in most days! They can move to a casual, get up when they want to, routine. They can stop worrying over getting kids to bed on time. They can stop worrying about clothing trends which are extremely ridiculous, and just let their kids wear good clothes that they like.

They won’t have to worry about homework and assignments they hate, don’t understand, or have to force their kids to do. This will improve their relationship with their kids. Because they do not have to push their child to do homework, they will have a great relationship with them!

They will not have to get their kid to study, study, study or do practice tests. They will not have to psych their kids up for the tests. They do not have to see a depressed, worn out kid every day. Their kids won’t be angry, trying to take their frustrations out in the family every night. They won’t be depressed or suicidal.

If they homeschool, they will not have to go through any of that anymore, ever again! They could also live a life without PTA meetings, trying to change the school lunches through lots of bureaucratic red tape, or try to help the teacher to understand what their child needs. If they want to change how their child is taught, they can do it this instant. They can say to themselves, my child needs a break from this house, and they can say, let us go into the mountains today!

Homeschooling does have its own challenges and stressors, but they are not in top of the stressors which public or charter school parents have. The stressors are these, instead of those. They are not these, on top of those, as most people think.

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