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Let’s Stop Calling it That!

People misunderstand unschooling so bad that I propose we stop calling it unschooling. Why don’t we stop saying what it isn’t and start focusing on what it is. Here are my proposals for new names for it:

Child Chosen Curriculum…..I coach my child
Child Selected Learning….I am a home coaching mom
Child Invented Education….I am my child’s learning facilitator
Question based Education….my child has the questions, and we find the answers together
Curiosity and Interest Learning….learning based on what my child is curious about that moment or that day or that month
Explorative, Child Chosen Learning….my child explores his or her interests and I help him or her to do so.

I am sure if more of us put our heads into this, we could come up with something awesome. Why focus on what it is not? Let us please focus on what it IS! That is what I do in helping people to market their own companies! I would never want them to have a label which works as poorly as the word unschooling. I am not trying to insult the person who invented the term. I am merely saying that he didn’t know how that word would in the future, give moms such a problem when explaining to others what they do with their kids to help them learn.


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