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iPad, The Homeschool Mom’s New Best Friend!

Although many times my husband and I feel frustrated about how difficult homeschool family life is, with our newbie, we know from experience and our other wonderful kids, that this time is precious, won’t come back, will be missed, and is worth the sacrifice. We love our newbie and all the others, too.

One thing that I found helpful for this time, is to let go of all the responsibility. I decided to let others take it off my shoulders. Who took it off my shoulders? I will tell you, and you will see.

I used to plan everything in a lot more detail. Before our newbie joined the family, part of the preparation included buying workbooks which would just be go to’s like this: “Do one lesson in your spelling book and one lesson from math. Read one science lesson and read one history lesson.” We did that for a while.

Then our whole method changed. A couple of months ago, with our tax refund money, we bought and iPad. Oh, boy, has that turned my kids off to workbooks, but I do not blame them. They can learn so much, and so much faster. They get instant feedback and instant assistance, without my helping much at all. The problem is, I only could afford one, for all of us to share (because I use it, too). Now I look forward much, to next year when we can get a second one for all of us to share!

For your information, my favorite apps are these, many for which I pay full subscription costs, which are worth every penny:

Spelling city
Brain Pop
Brain Pop Jr.
Reading Rainbow
Monkey in the Middle
Design Home
Mini Monet
IXL Math
Kids Academy apps
L’Escapador apps
Turbo Math
Math Board
Amazing Coin
Mr. Wolf
Mad Libs
Stack the States
Stack the Countries
Google Earth

Some, I do not have full subscriptions to, but would love full subscriptions to. One of these is the IXL math, which my mom, a public school teacher, recommended to me. It is a whopping $79 a year, but a great app, really! Someday, I want to save up and get it, but I am horrible at saving up for things.


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