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The Most Important Life Skills Curriculum!

How do I homeschool all these kids with a newbie to nurse and care for? Impossible, you may say. Someone is bound to be neglected, you may say. I know there are those of you who homeschool (or, less likely, people who do not homeschool) who may agree with me in saying it is possible to do this and not neglect anyone.

My kids still get their academics, but more of it is on the iPad’s shoulders and the shoulders of the blessed workbooks now. Some of it, now, is on the blessed shoulders of my friends, my co-op homeschool mom buddies. Recently, Nearly all of the P.E. Is on the blessed shoulders of the wonderful and much appreciated, very dedicated softball, baseball, coach pitch and T-all coaches. Yay for P.E. taught by expert volunteers in the community!

My older kids are all very helpful, and I have to keep in mind that phrase I have read on a couple of homeschool mom blogs: The baby IS the lesson!” I have to remember that someday, they will probably and hopefully be parents, too, and learning about our newbie and how to help each other, will help them and their families in the future immensely. Experience is the best way to learn, and they are learning about something I know God wants them to learn: preparation for parenting!

I cannot think of a more important life skill for my kids to learn. Many will shake their heads in disgust, but I do not think any of those people will be homeschool moms. I know at lest the other homeschool moms will “get” that. Many others will, too. If you are one of those, thank you. Thank you for “getting” what I do and why.


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