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How Do I Teach Language Arts?

Spelling workout is great. It teaches vocabulary and grammar, alphebetizing, dictionary skils, etc., along with spelling. The Discover the Scriptures series teaches language arts using the LDS scriptures. We read the books we want to read. I use spelling city. We have it on iPad app. We have reading rainbow iPad app. I love daily news for my kids to read in local paper, as well as national kids news app, news-o-matic. BrainPop app teaches language arts and the other subjects, too. I love montessori method, and use it, as well. I also use my own knowledge to teach them creative writing, as I love it and have been doing it writing a novel. I have a few poetry writing workbooks.

I have a Robert Frost book and I photocopy a page and post it in plastic on outside of clear shower door for us to read as we shower. We have all Shel Silverstein poetry books. We get invited to watch plays, and have been to them. My kids write and out in their own plays. My kids write their own speeches to give to one another. I love madlibs books and its app for learning parts of speech. It cannot be beat. My kids learn parts of speech well, and my daughter said that I did buy them one app that is not educational. She said it was mad libs app. Ha ha!

I think by reading a lot, my kids learn tons of spelling and vocabulary. They also learn grammar. Reading the literary greats one chooses, is the best way to learn language arts! Reading the Book of Mormon, the church magazines, etc., teaches language arts. Going to the library, we learn language arts. My kids learn language arts by doing, in every day life. They write lists, create clubs, make cards for people. They write letters to one another and others. They write and receive e-mails, through tocomail, a kids email app. They read from non-fiction and fiction books, read magazines and read signs. The list of how they learn language arts could go on and on.

We learn through what we choose, though, and I do not assign much. I assign maybe 10% of what is done, and all of the above is done. What is done, is chosen. I call it LDS Coached Eclectic curiosity, interest and real life learning method.

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