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L.D.S. Coached Eclectic Curiosity, Interest and Real Life Learning Method

The title above is how I have decided to label or name the method we use to learn here. It is so long that I am not sure it needs explaining. I will, though.

It is L.D.S. We learn religion here. We are in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We use the discover the scriptures series. I spiral bind the books. I like them because they ar fun for the kids to do. I do not force the kids to do them, but they are here when the kids choose them. I invite thipe kids to do them together. They do nit usually choose tim but they do them with me sometimes. They do them together sometimes. We read the church magazines and learn our articles if faith. We talk about the gospel and try to incorporate it into everything we learn.

I am the Learning Coach. I call myself this because that is really what I do here. The kid ps teach themselves. Even my kids are coaches, to one another. They coach each other to help each other to learn. A coach is there to help find learning materials based in the interests if the kids. The coach helps and ansers questions. The coach finds out things, like who is a paleontologist, and what does she really do, by interviewing over the phone. The coach passes on information that she knows her kids would be dying to hear. The coach makes sure internet use is safe.

Eclectic means we use a variety of learning methods, ones which the kids like or learn from best, with their own learning preference, choice and style. Some things, all of my kids love, like learning through music. We are a musical family, singing all the time. My kids all love learning through iPad apps, too, though they all have different faves. I only buy educational apps for the iPad. I get free versions and the favorites, eventually are turned into full versions when we have the budget money. I have many things available, and the kids choose whqt they want to learn with each day. Their interests, styles and materials change with time and with growth.

Curiosity and Interest drive my kids to learn. They learn what they are curious about and what they want to learn. I do not force anything. If you ask me how my kids possibly learn all the academics, I can assure you that they do via their own curiosity and interests. This is the best way. It works best, because when a person is truly filled with desire to learn something, they will do what it takes to learn it.

My kids learn from real life, too. I had to add this, because nit everything they learn, is because of whqt interests them. S metimes what they learn, is not what they seek. If someone in the grocery store says or does something, or if the server at a restaurant says or does something, that helps them learn, that is learning from real life. When they learn about their place in the world geographically, via riding in the car and looking out the window, that is learning from real life. When they calculate things as we shop, that is real life math.

It is about learning and not about teaching. What someone teaches and what someone learns, are not the same. Sometimes, the coach is the one learning, here. I am not always the coach. My daughter loves teaching pre-school. She does it not because I am a slave driver, or delegating. She begs me. She says, mom, please, today, can I teach pre-school? She has to beg, because we have not always used this learning method, and she is getting used to this learn as you will, what you will, thing.

This is our method of choice for learning. We love it, and it changes with us. I might add, I do not give grades or tests. I no longer care to collect and create a portfolio. We do not have deadlines unless we choose to participate in something with deadlines, and even then, if we do not meat the deadline, we do not stress over it or care. There is no pressure to learn grade level stuff. I am “so done with that.” I understand that in iur culture, grade levels are important, so for when people ask, I keep track of that a little. I have been in the past, teaching according to grade level, but now I no longer care. I wince inside, in my soul, when I have to answer to, “What grade is he in?” I do not care. My younger kids do not know about that system. I am glad for it.

What grade are you in, reader? The likelihood that you are not in one, is high. My point.

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