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Montessori Phonics, Sight Words and Whole Language

There are three different methods I put together to teach my kids to read. I use Montessori Pink reading series of three letter phonics words to teach the a as in pan or cat. Second, I teach the sight words using Preschool Prep products. Third, there are the rest of the words, which my kids can learn with old fashioned books like the Dick and Jane series.

All if these helped form the reader she is today. The old fashioned books use the whole language method, which means they learn by seeing the word and recognizing it by sight. They teach using repetition. The kids see the words again and again. They alsi learn to write the same words.

Sight words, taught using the Preschool Prep products, are very commonly seen words which do not follow the common decoding practices. They include the, a, they, have, he, she, come, of, and many more. They read thewe in the Preschool Prep readers and practice them in spelling by writing them over and over again, too.

I had taught my son, so far using the Preschool prep DVD’s and the Montessori pre-reading. Yesterday, I taught him with the First Book of the Dick and Jane readers, which taught him by repetition and by recognition with sight, the words oh, look, see, Jane, Dick and Sally. Next, he will learn those with funny. Then he we learn all of those and will add to them the words little, big, mother and father. None of these are phonics words.

I teach using all of the above mentioned methods, in tandem, not one after the other. This seems funner, and gives variety to our days. I do not do all in the same day. I do the one we feel like doing that day. The others, I do other days. I have not used them frequently to date. I am going to pick up the frequency now, because he is older.

The montessori pink reading teaches phonics words of three letters, which are words like hat, pan, pot, bat, bus, box, fan, pen, pin, etc., using tiny objects put next to words, on a mat on the floor. It feels like play. To him, it is just a fun game. He watched his sister do it and heloed her. Now he will be doing it in his own.

He also watches the preschool prep dvd’s sometimes when I feel like putting them on. They teach him common sight words. Later they teach blends and digraphs. They have DVD’s, readers and coloring books I use together.

All 3 in tandem: whole language, montessori (phonics) and sight word learning, combine to teach my children to read without being frustrated. They know that sometimes, they will see words they just have to recognize (sometimes they are common and sometimes they are not), and other times they will see words they learned the montessori way. They are excited either way, because they are reading.

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