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Harmony Ed Flex Program? Common Core!

I quit Harmony Ed partly because of having to teach common core. Here are some facts you may not be aware of (if they still do it the same way it was done in 2012-13):

1) They told us they will only reimburse us for books and educational supplies for English, Math, Science and Social Studies, which help you teach that child the items on the 9 items per semester checklist (These are checklists which make you and your child teach and learn the common core);

2) Some of the items in their so-called “really simple 9 checklist items per semester” can take all semester. One example is this. For 1st grade one checklist item on the 9 item checklist was to learn to spell and write correctly, all blends, digraphs and sight words (and for this, you must scan in and upload evidence of all of this being learned by your first grader);

3) Not only will you have to upload evidence that your child has done all if this common core stuff, but you cannot go do 2nd semester items first and first semester items second. You may think that is not a big deal, but my first grader had to learn which words to capitalize and which punctuation marks were correct, how to write sentences correctly, what is a noun and what is a verb, etcetera (1st semester) before learning her sight words, blends, digraphs, phonics, and the alphabet (2nd semester);

4) If they tell you their school does not use common core, they are lying to you! They have to! If the schooling is free to you, then the school uses common core. If it is a private school and not free, that means it is possible that they are trlling the truth if they say they do not use common core.

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