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Homeschool Socialization

There are plenty of articles written by homeschool moms and by people who have never homeschooled a day in their life, about whether or not home educated kids get enough social life in.

This is just about our homeschool family, not about all homeschool families. We get enough social. I will tell you about it.

Right now, it is mid June. We do not go full steam ahead during any part of the year. In the summer, we go one quarter steam, if that even makes sense in steam train physics. I doubt it does. We are getting together with other homeschool families to learn, or to party, or whatever, year ’round.

I have more kids than most moms have. Is this not a way to add kids for my kids to socialize with? They have each other. In my opinion, having lots of kids is a great way to provide kids with a way to learn social things kids need to learn. With lots of other kid around them, they have no choice but to learn to get along, be friends by being nice and sharing, serve one another, communicate, laugh, make jokes, play together, and more!

They also learn from a full time adult companion (mom)! In this way, they learn to work, to have good table manners, to have god manners in general, to speak correctly, to speak to other adults, to communicate with people of all ages. They also learn shopping, careers, real world stuff, everyday life, and the like. They learn cooking, housekeeping, childcare and safety. They learn what a mom’s job is in real, everyday life!

They learn social things like careers of other adults. They get to see adults in adult careers, a lot more often than most kids do. They see professionals at work and learn from them. When the cable professional comes, they are not in school. They are here, asking the professional all sorts of questions. This is socialization. It is.

Many people will argue that they need to socialize with kids their own ages. I agree with that, but I do not think that means they need to be with 28 to 34 kids born within a year of their own birth. I do not believe this needs to be with 30 kids from their own locality. I do not believe this needs to be 5 days a week, 6.5 hours a day, and precisely 180 days per year. I do believe in letting them play with the neighbor kids (when they have completed the day’s do list), their recreation teams, other homeschoolers throughout the year, their cousins and their siblings.

I am very excited for the birth of a new, extremely large and very nearby, weekly Homeschool Co-op. Yay! There are so many moms involved, that the kids have a big selection of classes from which to choose. There are about three times the kids, that there are moms, so my kids will have other kids learning with them. We will eat lunch and have P.E. together, too! I am a teacher there, while my kids are going to be taught by other moms. This is great for socialization, but only one piece of the great and vast number of things homeschool families do together locally!

To tell you the truth, if you start homeschooling where I live, I recommend you say no to a lot of it. You could have 2 or 3 options per hour, let alone per day, for things to do with local homeschool families! That is just too much! You must take some and leave some, or you will never be home, you will never get private family time and your house will not ever get clean.

Today, we missed the weekly get together, called play group. We do not really ever go to that anymore. That’s because at this time, that is just overkill for me. I am busy enough. We have enough social time with other homeschoolers, even without park day.

To sum it all up, we are a very socialized family. My kids are not strange. They are extremely normal. If you met me and my husband and my kids and did not knowing me beforehand, you would never peg us for homeschoolers. Not knowing I am the author of this, you would think we are a public school family. We are just very normal.

O.k., so that is not all true. We may stand out if you get to know us over a few hours. On the surface, though, we are very average local citizens and do not stand out.

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