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Learn While In the Trenches, Not Before Jumping In

The trenches. Intresting idea. Boy, did they rip up the land! I remember when I first learned about them, sitting in the High School Library looking at photos of the trenches in France, created as a defense and hiding place for war. I thought, what an ugly mess! Here are photos of the trenches now, scarred land leftover from “The Great War” (WWI).


You need to figure out how to homeschool, or what to use for your
homeschool method, style, schedule, plan, curriculum, etcetera, while in the trenches. You have to lewrn how to balance educating, nutrition, sleep and housecleaning while in the midst of the battle. You cannot learn it while watching the battle on T.V. You cannot learn about what it is like to be in the trenches of the war, without being in the trenches in a war! You cannot learn to homeschool, before you start to homeschool!

No matter how much research you out into it, you will not really learn it until you get in and do it! This woman wrote about just “taking the plunge” into homeschool. I agree. Please read this:


I agree with it. Just start. Just go for it. Just do it. Take the plunge. Cannonball!

Of course you do not know how you are going to homeschool! I have not met one woman who had a plan before starting her kids in homeschool. I have not found one mom like that, to this day, and I have met many, many homeschool moms.

Oh! I think I have just hit a key element! There are so many, many, many home educating moms about you. It is a must to join your local facebook group for homeschoolers. Generally, you can search for your county name and “home education” or “homeschool.” Try a bunch of similar searches until you find something. Join up with the group. Go to their monthly meetings. Ask lots of questions. Learn everything you can from them. Go to the library and get some books on homeschooling. Read them all, one at a time. If you have a kindle and a budget enough for it, buy a book about homeschool for your kindle every month and read it.

You do not have to learn from other home educating moms and from homeschooling books, exactly what you are going to do, what your schedule will be, which workbooks wnd supplies or which curriculum you will use, before you start. Home teaching your kids will be a journey of constant change. You will go from this to that schedule. You will go from system tk system. You will learn as you go. You will have the freedom to change curriculum and methods whenever you feel the urge. For me, it is quite often! I am always figuring out how to tweak and improve all of it!

You will see that it is true, that practice makes perfect. Patricia R. Holland said that we must have the courage to be imperfect while striving for perfection. Andrew Liveris said, “Perfection is a journey, not a destination.”

Let homeschool be your journey. Be courageous enough to do it imperfectly. Enjoy the journey! I promise that overall, when you look at it with your spiritual eyes, you will!

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