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Hollywood Screenplay Writers are Mean to Pregnant Women!

This is why I hate the way the hollywood screenplay writers portray childbirth. It is always a sudden, out of the blue, big scream by the mother, a reaction to a contraction, and an exclammation, “the baby is coming NOW!” They make it funny or dramatic, either way, the baby actually comes then, and the mother called it.

I always find myself yelling at the t.v. “How does she know the baby is coming now?!”

In my experience, She has to have that happen many times for 2 hours straight, without skipping, steady, increasing in frequency until less than 5 minutes apart, to know that the baby will “now” come within 1 to 39 hours.

In very few cases will baby come fast, and when that does happen, the mother did not shout before hand, “The baby is coming NOW!” She lilkely said, “Hmm. Something is happening!” Or “here is another contraction.”

But in Hollywood, she does give birth, almost immediately and it is very dramatic. Have mercy on women and tell them the truth. Have mercy on obstetricians and tell the truth. You can still make it humorous. As a matter of fact, it would be more humorous if she dramatically shouted, went to the hospital or got someone to come help her, then got sent home or made the helper give up and leave; If this happened again and again, it would be funnier every time. Then, screenplay writer, you can make the baby come with very little drama in the end, and that would help women the world over, their husbands and their obstetricians!

Contractions can be sudden and painful and still, “nothing” will happen. They can come again and again and again. My experience is that pain or suddenness mean nothing. The woman must wait until for two hours straight, they are steady and have a regular frequency and they eventually increase in frequency until they are 5 minutes apart or less. In my latest one, they got to an hour and a half once, and then just stopped. The next time, they got to an hour, and were very painful, and stopped. One time, extreme pain, grocery store parking lot, 30 minutes, regular and increasing, 3 minutes apart, regular. Then it ended. Hollywood is deceptive. Just laugh when you see it on t.v., because it’s not like that. They should show on t.v., the woman shouting, “the baby is coming NOW!” They should show her going in and being SENT HOME because that is reality. Either that, or show her calling a midwife, only to show the midwife saying to her, nothing is happening, so I am going home now.

Give the pregnant women a break! Show them reality! Mentally prepare them for reality! Thanks in advance!


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