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Homeschool Can Be Done with a Little!

I am happy that the Friend magazine has this article called, “Homeschool Graduation.” In a facebook group, we discussed it much.

We loved that it talked a out homeschooling. It made us happy. The part we did not like, was that in the story, the reason why mom was finishing the homeschooling journey of her children, was because she was pregnant. She did not say why she was quitting for a new little coming, but it came across to many moms as a way to state that homeschooling cannot be done properly when there is a new little in the home.

We do not understand the woman’s circumstances. We do not judge her. We are sad that she does not know that she can do it with a newbie.

The article was submitted and accepted, because it was an article about kids thanking their mom for being their academics teacher. It is my goal to submit yet another article about homeschooling with a newbie, to a church magazine.

Moms can do a great job homeschooling and caring for a new baby at the same time. Sacrifices and changes will have to be made. Kids will have to do more workbook, computer or iPad learning, and mommy will not be able to make the awesome lessons she has done, with lots of prep work, to teach the kids. Mommy will be sitting, breastfeeding a lot (or, much less likely, bottle feeding). Mom will still be there to answer questions and direct things.

You can do it with a new little. You can!

Post-Partum Support Group


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