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Costs You Nothing? Paid for by Tax Dollars? Common Core!

I have been seeing a lot of people asking whether this CHARTER SCHOOL school or that CHARTER SCHOOL uses Common Core.

I have also seen people claiming that this or that school is free, but does not use Common Core.


If a school is a private school and you pay money because the government is not paying your tuition for you, they may not be common core aligned, but some private schools are now.

Public charter, free online and public regular schools in Utah are Common core aligned. If your private school says it now gets to be free to you because it has been approved by the state Charter school board, it is now a Common Core Aligned Charter school.

If it has a lottery, or you have to apply and get on a waiting list, but do not have to pay money, it is aligned with Common Core.

Schools that do not cost you money, cost us our freedom.

They are Common Core aligned. Common Core aligned schools will appear not to be so. The will offer programs or classes that are very different from the norm, or say you can teach your own kids in the home, or say you can let your child learn by online or distance learning. This does not matter in the call for whether it be common core or not.

If the school does not ask you for tuition money, or for money to buy the curriculum, you can have assured unrest, because I assure you, it is COMMON CORE aligned!

It is paid for by adding more debt to the bank account of the United States of America, which is the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Bilderberg Group. This U.S. Debt will be owed the Federal Reserve and paid to Scholastic, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Pearson, and multiple curriculum and technology companies.

If you want to know what is so wrong with the Common Core, please watch this youtube video. Thanks!



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