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UpStart is NOT Free! It Has a Big Price!

People are Buzzing about this program in Utah called UpStart, for pre-schoolers.

I would like to tell you that UPSTART IS NOT FREE!!!!

I want you to make an informed decision.

“What?” You yell at me. It is, too FREE!

Ha ha! It does not cost MONEY. Things that do not cost money, sometimes have OTHER costs. Let’s look at what those are.

1) The very most basic thing it will cost you: your time, to fill out the form. “That’s nothing!” You say. Well, let’s move on, then.

2) You see what is on the form. You do, don’t you? You are giving them information about your child. “Who cares?” you respond. Let’s move on, then.

3) They give no indication that they are going to keep every piece of data from every session your child does online, in this free program. They know how fast he or she thinks. They know how he or she thinks. They know his or her strengths and weeknesses. They know at what time of the day your child logs on and off, every day. They share this data with pretty much anyone who wants to know. They already have permission. It is in the laws already. Free preschool data mining is already part of the laws protecting Common Core. “That isn’t so bad,” you say. Let’s move on, then.

4) Their purpose in all this? I called on the phone and asked them a lot of questions. Their goal is to use all the kids who do upstart, as guinea pigs for a study showing how best to teach Common Core Standards to preschoolers, for a later implementation by way of making preschool, an addition to free public education, or cumpulsory education. This, you can find out also, just by asking on the phone. Their goal is to make it required, for you to send your kid to school when he or she is age 4 in the fall, unless you opt out and say you will homeschool. I do not think this bothers many. I think many are excited. “Oh, boy! No more having to pay money for preschool! Yay!” You say. “It will be free for everyone soon. That is great news!” Here is where you and I begin to notice just how vast our differences are. I believe kids from ages newborn to 7 at the very least) should stay out of free public or free charter or free online schools! I think they are better off learning from MOM. They need to get you away from mom as soon as possible. Mom will teach you the wrong things.

Now I will quote the translated Communist Manifesto:

“41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.” Source: http://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm

Humanism is a Religion

Common Core is Aligned with Humanist Association’s Principles
One Christian church leader said, “One hour of church is no match for 35 hours/week in a school that indoctrinates children with the religion of Secular Humanism.” Source: http://www.biblicalexaminer.org/Unpublished/School%20Reformation.html

I tried to find one piece of this video about Celestial Education, by Michele Stone, that I could tell you about, but I would really prefer you just watch the whole thing. I own it on DVD! It’s just awesome!

5) UpStart is part of, or based on, USOE (Utah State Office of Education) official curriculum. If you don’t believe me, call their 1-800 number and ask them whether it is USOE based or USOE approved. They will say yes. They did to me!

6) It is Common Core. Some of you do not believe me. Some of you do not see why Common Core is bad. For the first group, I will tell you that what is USOE approved, is Common Core also. For the second group, which thinks there is nothing, or little, wrong with Common Core, please watch the youtube video here:“Utahns Against the Common Core: Pulling Back the Curtain, What’s Really Behind Common Core State Standards?”

Thank you for reading this post!


Here is the UpStart I refer to

Governor Herbert funded the curriculum, created by Waterford Institute

You can register for Upstart indoctrination and data gathering right here.

Waterford Institute, Creator of Upstart, Explains how it is Common Core Aligned


4 thoughts on “UpStart is NOT Free! It Has a Big Price!

  1. Thanks for the YouTube link, Lisa. I don’t know as much about Common Core as I probably should. Off to watch it now.


  2. I have had two children in Upstart and it has been wonderful for both of them. I think as long as parents can opt out it would be great if every child had the chance.


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