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Homeschool and Early College at Weber State University

I just got back with my daughter from a meeting at Weber State University, about getting in to Weber State as an Early College student.

I learned a lot. (Note: This was accurate as of Summer, 2014. I do not guarantee it still is.) This is what you need to get in:

No High School Transcript is needed.

Easy Steps:

1) Attend the introduction to Early College information session (1 hour) at Weber State. (Sign up for the class at weber.edu/earlycollege .)

2) Get an ACT composite 21 or SAT score 990 (you can take the test at Weber State, but your score will then only be valid at Weber State).

3) Fill out the Early College Admission form online (you will need to get a username and a password).

4) Pay a $30 application Fee.

5) Fill out and sign online, the Parental and School Counselor consent forms.

6) Set an appointment with the homeschool early college Advisor, to discuss with her your personal plan and needs. Make a plan with her, for which classes you will take.

7) If you want a special Associates Degree, go to weber.edu/advisors to find out which classes will be required for it. You can download an app with advisors listed, called “Weber State Academic Advising.”

8) Attend Orientation session for Early College (1 hr.). Register for this at weber.edu.

9) Pay Tuition and Fees, and Register for 7 credit hours, maximum, in 2 classes, maximum, for the initial semester. They recommend that one of these two classes be “UNIV 1105 Foundations of College Success.” In this class, students will learn about possible career and degree options, note taking strategies, study strategies, research strategies, learn about the campus, learn about what is available to them at the University, exam preparations, etcetera.

10) Apply for financial aid. This is to be done before applying for scholarships.

11) Apply for Early College Scholarships. There are scholarships just for Early College students only. Some are needs-based. Some are merit-based.


Scholarships for Early College:

1) First, they recommend that you try to get a scholarship that is needs-based. This will depend on your financial aid application.

2) ACT composite on ACT or 1550 on SAT. GPA not valid or looked at for homeschooled kids for Early College Scholarships. Testing alone determines your place on the grid. It is as if you have the lowst GPA possible. (This seems very unfair to me).


Scholarships because of Early Associated Degree:

If you complete your Associates Degree by the same time you would have normally graduated from High School and have a 26 ACT or a combined GPA for the entire degree, and ACT score, composite score of 100 or better, you can apply for the New Century Scholarship.* If the New Century Scholarship is awarded you, it would pay $1250 per semester, and may be used at almost any University. It is a stackable scholarship, meaning you can apply for others to use along with it. This is at NewCenturyScholarship.org.

*[They have a chart, where you find your GPA on the top and your ACT or SAT score on left. You see where they come together, and they have made values for where each GPA/ test score combination, meet. The value where they meet has to be 100 to qualify to apply for this scholarship. If you go to this early college information session, they will give you this chart and they will explain this to you. An example is: You have taken all classes for an Associates degree before High School graduation time. Your University courses averaged over the entire time working in this degree, wverqge out to w 3.2 GPA. You re-take the ACT test. You score a 21 on the ACT test. This gets you a score of 101 on their chart. You may apply for the new Century Scholarship!]


Costs of Early College include:

1) $30 application fee (no fee for concurrent enrollment)
2) $10 student I.D. Card
3) Parking Permit
4) Books and/or supplies required and/ or needed
5) Tuition and Fees

If you want to know how to make a homeschool High School transcript for Utah, check out how, here. https://lisajacksondesign.wordpress.com/category/homeschool/homeschool-high-school/

Test your way to an Associates Degree with Weber State.

I wish you the best! Thanks for reading!


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