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Multiply and Replenish the Earth

I just read about this organization. It makes me boiling mad. Sustainable development means population control. It means more if this, it means this is what will be pushed in the media. http://smallfamilies.us/

This organization wishes to spread the word that it is o.k. to “plan” your family. What they mean is to plan when your family will be finished growing. What they mean is, plan without God. They say, you need to look at finances, career, lifestyle, etcetera. It makes me wonder, whether they think I did not plan my family. I did. My plan is to have my quiver full of them! My plan is to make a plan with my husband in prayer. That means that our plan is to listen to God and have regular communications with God on the matter. Our plan is to let God make the plan. That is the lifestyle I want. I want to be a mother. That is the career I want. I do want a paycheck. My paycheck will come in hugs, cuddles and love.

God said His thoughts are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not his thoughts. That would apply very well to this movement. If you watch the video at this link by clicking on YouTube, at the end, the father of only two by choice says, “You are not the King. You are not God,” as his argument for not ruining the earth (by not having too many kids). I responded in the comments, that he is not King or God, either.

This is not going to make God happy. It will make God very sad indeed. God told Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth. My ancestors had many kids. Many of them had as many as 14 kids, and from what I understand, that was normal then. It is not only no longer normal, but now it is considered selfish, even to bring into this world over 2 kids. This is very sick and twisted.

Years ago I read this book. It is called “The Third,” and is written by my friend, Abel Keogh. This book changed the way I have seen things happening ariund me ever since I read it the first time. It is about a family exoecting a third child, in a time in the future when they cannot legqlly have a third child. It is a very good book. It is a good book because it is a page turner, thrilling and exciting to the point kf your house going “to pot” while you finish it. I do see things coming closer to the way they are in this book, every year, and this is not good news. It is very scary! It is very sad!



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