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Lovely, Graceful Crows Who Fascinate Me, Will Now Be Hunted Legally in Utah for Sport


My living room has 2 large windows. I have a large tree across the street from me. For years, I have enjoyed the late fall, winter and early spring scene of crows socializing in my window. Lovely crows and ravens in my window and in my yard, have fascinated me, enough that I love them with a great big passion. Their grace and beauty is astounding. My son and I watched a documentary about how they are smarter than dogs. My kids love them, too. They are beautiful. They are wonderful. I am so glad God created them.


Sadly, they are now going to be hunted, and quite likely to endangerment of species status. If not that, they will be hunted to near endagerment of species status. In my ten year old son’s words, spoken bravely today to 200 people, “We have no kdea what will happen with the food chain.”

Today, my children and I went to the Division of natural Resources Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. My kids and I spoke aganst crow hunting for sport, in Utah. 3340 people had signed a petition against the legalization of crow hunting in Utah. There were about 200 people at the meeting, from my estimation. Many special interest groups against hunting crows spoke. then many people spoke against the legalization of crow hunting.

One man said he does psychological research, studying birds. He said he could not even find 200 crows needed to do a conclusive study of the way the birds think and how and why they act. One man claimed he and his group of bird watchers have counted birds for many, many years, and there are not enough crows to warrant this. He said if just one person per day, for the crow hunting season in effect, killed the allowed 10 crows, 1200 crows would be killed in just one year. He said at this rate, they will become extinct soon.

I stood up with my 6 kids and, while breastfeeding my baby, stated that there would be too many bugs in our lawn, were we to hunt this many crows, and they are beautiful. We love to watch them in the fall, the winter and the early spring.

They thought my kids were cute and the DNR staff were eager to give us learning souvenirs about DNR. They showed us the vending machines, which were chuck full of expensive, non-vegan foods. My kids were starving, so they got some, then a staff member kindly notified us the meeting was beginning again.

The next part of the meeting was very boring for my kids. It consisted of the board members discussing possible solutions. It was voted that they would separate the decisions.

One decision to be made was that there needed to be a solution for farmers who did not even care enough to show up to the meeting. These farmers who had supposedly called in to the DNR, wanted to be able to shoot crows who eat their crops. The DNR has not presented any evidence about such people existing. It was discussed with experts and the experts said they have non-lethal ways, with laser beams, to scare the birds away from an area, when DNR is called upon by a farmer.

The other decision was whether to get rid of the law already put into place, that there would be a crow hunt in Utah.

These men voted for the crow hunt:
John Bair
Calvin Crandall
Steve Dalton

These men voted against the crow hunt:
Michael King
Bill Fenimore

Please write to Governor Herbert. http://www.utah.gov/governor

Tell him the names of the people on that board who did not listen to the people. Ask him to appoint people who reflect the beliefs of the majority of the people, and the people who came to this meeting!

If Governor Herbert will not listen, please do not vote him into office again next time! Please show up to vote, and vote against him.



2 thoughts on “Lovely, Graceful Crows Who Fascinate Me, Will Now Be Hunted Legally in Utah for Sport

  1. Lisa, thank you for writing so elegantly and passionately about this issue! I cannot believe the board still voted FOR THIS LAW! Will no one listen to reason? I use to live in Utah, and like you, I love and admire crows and other corvids. I currently have a family of them in my yard in Maine. I cannot imagine one of them getting shot. I wish there were a way to turn this thing around, and you are on the right track with wanting to vote out whomever is responsible for these board members who do not care about what the people want or the science behind it all.


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