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What Turned me into a Homeschool Mom? (The Short Version)

What made me decide to homeschool? We were having behavior issues at home. We went to see a therapist. Eventually he said to try a charter school. I applied to many. I learned all about them. I wanted to find one which used teaching methods I liked. I found out I was pretty picky and particular. I found out no school taught the way I thought best.

I looked into starting my own charter school so that it could be just what I wanted. I found out that to do that, I have to find other parents who want the same things I wanted. I thought that was going to be impossible. I believe God led me to a memory of A friend’s facebook posts from the year before about what she and her kids were doing in homeschooling. Luckily, I found her contact information and called her on the phone. She was the only homeschool parent I knew. I think it is a blessing now that there are more homeschooling parents now, so that people are more likely to think of homeschool as a possibility. If it had not been for My friend’s facebook posts the year before, I doubt I would have ever thought of homeschooling as a possibility.

I think it is great that I can teach just how I want to and my kids can learn just how they want to learn. I love that I do not need to get the approval of other parents in a charter school, or other parents who protest a curriculum, to change how and what my kids are taught, or what they learn. I can change things from minute to minute or day to day or week to week or month to month. I do not need permission from a school board or to bring it up at the next election campaign. I do not need to talk to “my child’s teacher.” I do not need to worry over whether I will understand a new teacher’s way of doing things every year for every child.

I love parent teacher conference because what that is, is my husband and me on a date (lol)! I love the other kind of conferences, too, which are the ones I have with Heavenly Father, discussing the kids. The parent teacher student meetings are on walks, doing the housework together, at mealtimes, etc.

I do not have to make my kids study hard. They don’t know what that means. They do not have to take tests. How do I know what words they know how to spell? “Mom, how do you spell this word?” Would give me a clue. Reading something they have written clues me in. How do I know when my kindergarten son can count to 5? When he counts to 5!

In short, it is nice to always know where my kid are, every minute of every day. I do not have to wait 3 months. When my kids were in public school, I did have to wait 3 months. Even though I voluntered, went to all the meeteings, E-mailed and wrote notes to the teacher, and evne though I talked with the teacher after school every day, I did not know what was going on very often, if ever. It really is not the teacher’s fault. It isn’t the child’s, either. The only way they could tell you everything that is going on, would be for you to be a fly in the wall and watch every minute of every day in school. It is more logical, just to homeschool the child!

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