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Utah, We Love Thee. Keep Local, Local.

Join this group, please. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UtahnsAgainstICLEI/


My dear fellow Utahns:

You love everything about helping local this and local that. You want decisions to be made locally. You love your local school. You love your local restaurants and your locally produced vegetables. You love local control in education and local control of your city government.

Let me help you keep loving your local, the best way possible. I am your friendly Utah Local-Lovin’ investigative political writer.

You know your city council is elected by locals. Right? Right. However, your city council may not currently hold the power. It is possible your city council is controlled by people in Bonn, Germany.

“Say, what? Lol! This woman is crazy.” Not really. There are things you need to know.

Have you read the local news in the newspaper lately? If not, you need to. This is where it’s all shakin’ out. This is where you are losing your liberties and freedoms the fastest. This is where you are needed.

When I was growing up, I did not find it common to see city council members kicked out, or resigning, or retiring. How often is this happening now? How often are city council members accused of crap? How often are they just too tired to keep going? Every week! This city, that city, and the next city. This was not common when I was growing up.

You’d think there would be people in cities, smart enough to elect someone who does not plan to retire or get too tired or who is more honest? Right?

“Ha ha. This is crazy. Why are city council people so fickle?” You ask. The answer? They are not. They are sick of the regulations. They have no power. They have no control. Their hands are tied. If they speak out, they are canned. There is dirt on them somewhere. Bonn, Germany will find it and oust them.

Why would Bonn, Germany care about your local city council person? I will tell you right now. They don’t want someone local, to control your city. They want to control your city, themselves. They are ICLEI! They are the New World Order.

“Never heard of ICLEI,” you say. “New World Order does not exist. If I have not heard of it, then it is made up. The television news or the local paper did not mention ICLEI,” you say. It’s not made up. You wish it were. It’s not.

About ICLEI:

What does ICLEI stand for? ICLEI stands for “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives,” says Rosa Koire. What is its history and background, and whee is it headquartered? Rosa’s web site says it was created in 1990 by the United Nations and is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. Because it is considered a non-governmental non-profit organization (NGO), it gets away with controlling things here in Utah, and circumvents Constitutional Laws against states and cities making treaties with foreign governments. Rosa says, “Ultimately this facilitates global governance by invalidating individual cities, counties, states, and nations with agreements and interwoven systems to which they are bound by contract: public private partnerships.” (I might add, now, cities are not the smallest entities making contracts. Small businesses, non-profit organizations, Universities and local public schools are now being welcomed to sign on. They are even competing with one another. I do not think these local entities know they are signing contracts with the devil. They just think they are committing to “going green.” They just want to recycle, emit fewer carbon emissions, use solar panels, etc.

Source: Democrats Against Agenda 21, at http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/iclei-when-they-say-local-they-mean-it.html#sthash.xHgHU1g1.dpuf

What is “sustainability?” I asked my husband, and he thought it was about businesses and their employees. He said it means they are able to maintain it or keep it going (a business). I asked him what he thought a sustainability office is for. He thought that was a strange idea. He wondered why a sustainability office was needed. I told him this word is now being used with keeping our earth sustained for 2050, or the year 3000. He thought that was very odd.

It is odd, but very common. Look everywhere. You will see that many schools, non-profit organizations, Universities, businesses, cities, counties, and partnerships between two cities on opposite sides of the world, have sustainability offices, goals, etcetera. They use phrases like “Smart Growth” and words like “Utopia.” They say things like, “We have a Sustainability Crisis.” They talk about “carbon footprint” and “carbon emissions.” They use words like “Vision 2015,” or “Vision 2040.” Sustainability and Vision 2040 means they are looking to keep their community livable for the residents of the community in the year 2040. It means they are worried that if they do not partner with ICLEI, then they will not know how to keep their entity ready for the future generation.

Really? So, if my local public school does not partner with experts in being green, located in Bonn, Germany, fathered by the United Nations, then this local public school will not exist in 2040, just 25 years from now? Uh huh. O.k. I got it.

If my tiny city does not form a pact with this Bonn, Germany “non-Governmental Organization,” then it will be full of litter and will be completely polluted by 2040, 25 years from now. This is because here in my city, people without this partnership with Germany, would not pick up litter and would make sure to have factories that pollute the air like crazy. This would make my little teeny city a place that would not sustain human populations for my grandkids or great grandkids.

Well, good thing we have Bonn, Germany to keep us clean and green, then! Phew!

Check out these Utah entities which have been propogandized and peer pressured into getting “Sustainability Offices.” In most cases, this means they have a partnership with ICLEI. Some of these have entered into competitions sponsored by ICLEI. If you win, you get money from the NEW World Order. Congrats, guys! The New World Order is happy to have you on board!

1) Universities in Utah:

University of Utah

Weber State




2) green business challenge

3) green business competition

4) Green School Awards!

5) Utah Society for Environmental Education
The survey by survey monkey is educational

6) the enlightened 50
First of 4 qualifications to be nominated:
“pioneer innovative and sustainable approaches to the critical issues facing Utah”

7) intermountain Sustainability Summit

Not only those, but more, look suspiciously connected to ICLEI, to me. These are Thermwise and Blue Sky programs, Rocky Mountain Power, UTA (Utah Transit Authority), and Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

How can you find out whether they are part of ICLEI? Well, ask the leaders what policies and regulations (building codes, zoning codes) they have to uphold. Then ask them who made the policies. Ask that person why that policy was made. You will likely hear about Vision 20-something, or Smart Growth Initiative. This is ICLEI for sure. Ask them for the chance to read their Vision 2040, or their Smart Growth Initiative contract. You will see that the contract is with ICLEI. Your mouth will drop open. Then you can tell them about ICLEI and who they really are. They do not likely know.

Rosa Koire says to watch out for news about these, locally:

“redevelopment projects, bicycle boulevards, neighborhood summits, neighborhood elections, neighborhood revitalization projects, neighborhood stabilization projects, visioning, local boards, smart growth projects, low-income housing subsidies, transportation grants, green building retrofit programs, well monitoring, SMART electric and gas meters, Common Core…”

Source: Democrats Against Agenda 21 at http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/what-can-i-do.html#sthash.xajZrqNr.dpuf

Also, watch out for eminent domain and your city’s “blighted” neighborhoods, your city having had a “heated” discussion in a council meeting over zoning or building codes (and then rescheduling the meeting to make sure locals were not there). This happened in Kaysville, Utah, a few months ago. Check out the article in the Standard Examiner.

Talk to your University’s Sustainability Office. Talk to your school district about the building codes for new school buildings. Ask a non-profit organization what codes and regulations they have to follow and why. Find out whether they are competing for money for being the most green. Find out where the money comes from (who soonsors the contest).

Find out if entities have a “sustainability office” and if they do, this is likely the local ICLEI office. Find out which personnel have been canned and why. Find out which arguments were taking place in the entity before the person retired or was accused of something bad. If they were accused and came out clean, then make sure you find out the details of the story. It is possible that ICLEI wanted to get rid of this person for its own reasons.

Find out if your city, county, local school or a local business is striving to get “grants” for “smart growth initiatives.” They will say, “this will save us so much money.” They will get money from the grant or smart growth initiative (ICLEI) for following building codes (regulations made by ICLEI).

Look out for a business or school being involved in a going green” (a “going green” contest). These are also very suspicious and stink of a possible contract with the International Non-Government Organization from Bonn, Germany.

Please go be a detective. I cannot do this alone. This is a big monster and we need a lot of help to fight it. This is like the Revolutionary War. The difference is, you do not need to physically fight. You need to sleuth-fight. You need to be an investigative, curious citizen. You need to be a detective and find out what entity is behind initiatives, susatainability offices, visions, and smart growth policies.

Please go sleuthing around, and find out whether they have a commitment to ICLEI. If so, let them know what it is. Let them know that they can be environmentally conscious without making a deal with this devil. They don’t likely have a clue that they have made a deal with this devil! You are their informant. Tell them!

If they know and don’t care, tell your community. Hopefully, you will have kept a “paper trail” so that you have evidence to prove that this entity is with ICLEI.

Please join facebook group, Utahns Against ICLEI. Thanks!

Thank you. Thank you for being on board. Thank you for joining the Revolution. Thank you for being a “Local” enthusiast. Thank you for helping to keep our local entities, local. Join this group, please! https://www.facebook.com/groups/UtahnsAgainstICLEI/

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