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Socialism vs. Capitalism in the U.S.A.

Eminent domain
citizens pay taxes to pay for making of guns, gunmakers hired by federal government
gun control
social security system
affordable care act
wild lands project
Agenda 21
put the press all online (nothing printed is goal)
common core standards in education
United Nations
U.S. Department of Education
Transportation Security Administration
Homeland Security Act
the Patriot Act
the IRS
public education
Labor Unions (had good roots, but for years, controlled by socialists)
many book clubs wherein your books are pre-selected (beware)
free adult education classes
the welfare program of the U.S.A.


Entrepeneurs or entrepeneurship
Getting raises for reasons other than minimum wage increase
Natural competition in the market and in business
Advertising and marketing
Businesses hiring employees
Businesses growing without government aid
The Former U.S. Constitution
Private schools
Neighbors helping neighbors, not by regulation or force
People helping others pay for healthcare by donations
People giving and serving out of their own desires
No forced economy
The fewer regulations, the more capitalistic
If people are able to, they work, for their sustenance and for their survival
People who do not wish to share their wealth are not forced to
Elite and wealthy class closer to 45% than to 3%
Wealthy class more likely to voluntarily give to the poor and those in need


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