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Homeschooling not Revealed

We are in a Co-op Group one day a week. My kids love it. I love that in this co-op, there are multiple choices for each hour, for what the kids can learn. My kids love the Co-op. They are so excited to go again.

Now for the funny part. We homeschool. I have told the Speech Therapist that, but he has a lot of “students,” and he asked my son how school is going. It was somewhat like this:

“Do you learn how to count, in school?”


“Do you like your school?”


“Do you like your teacher?”


“Do you take a lunch with you to school, or do you eat school lunch?”

“I eat school lunch.”

“Do you have recess?”

“No. But I go outside, and (brother and sister) go outside.”

“Do you have a big toy to play on at recess?”

“No. But we just go outside and play.”

I think it’s interesting. This is the first time my kids have answerd all questions without even revealing that they are homeschooled. I almost laughed out loud, thinking, because of my son’s vague answers, this guy has NO CLUE that we homeschool (or, especially, that we unschool, most of the time).


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