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Craig Bowden versus Rob Bishop Part 1

Sounds good!

Marine Vet For Freedom

election2014I was asked recently by one of the people interested in my campaign to illustrate the differences between myself and Congressman Bishop, essentially why the people of Utah’s 1st District should vote for me.  I do believe that is something important, and I will outline what some of our key differences are as well as areas we are similar.

First, I would like to address that I do applaud Congressman Bishop for many of the things he has done for America and the state of Utah.  I do not look at Congressman Bishop as an enemy, and that should be made clear.  He has championed many causes that do benefit our country and our state, especially in the area of Utah lands.  He has been right at the forefront of ensuring Utah gets to decide what to do with the lands within our borders.  That is important, because the people…

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