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The Current Mix of Our Homeschool Day

We were asked in an Eclectic Homeschooling facebook group about our current (not year-round average, just current) mix.

I have been changing the numbers around and this is my guess, including the “homeschooling hours” Mon.-Fri. between 9 am and 4 pm only.

This is how we learn at our house, in order from the most to the least


cleaning up Vomit and getting more pedialyte
keeping kids dressed and fed
responding to kids and their needs
Teaching and correcting academic work
helping with Hope Haven Events, and preparing presentation and booth for Winter Homeschool Conference
Reading aloud to kids


Playing with other siblings
Reading books/ magazines/ news of choice from our home library & internet
Legos and other toys
Self-Directed Learning
Fighting, discussing, negotiating and learning to get along
Playing with the Baby and teaching him to walk
Learning about and Discussing our religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
Learning about and Discussing Current Events and Politics
Personal Grooming, Health & Nutrition
Early Childhoold Education
Life Skills
L.I.F.E. School Curriculum
math via Utah’s former core curriculum (before common core) via worksheets, iPad math and Constance Kamii math
iPad and YouTube learning by taking turns
Discover the Old Testament
God’s Design for Science
Serving each other, and others
Art and Art History (my own curriculum)

I love that homeschooling is so auto-flex. What we need more and what works best, always naturally becomes what we do more of. What we need least naturally falls off of the bottom and just becomes a memory when it no longer serves us.

2 thoughts on “The Current Mix of Our Homeschool Day

  1. We do academics between 9a-2p or 3p on Mondays. Tuesdays we leave for seminary at 6:30a, then Vanguard co-op until 2:30p. Once a month we do baptisms at the temple Tues afternoons. Wed we do academics from 9a to around 2p, but my one daughter has a choir practice from 2p-5p, then YW at 7p. Thursdays we leave for seminary at 6:30p, then do academics from 9a-2p. We have a class from 2:30-4p Thursday afternoons for leadership, and history. Fridays we sometimes leave for seminary at 6:30a, then leave for Fruit Heights (from Clinton) to attend choir, theater, and science (10a-4p). Whew! It’s always busy. 🙂

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