I just joined the National Arbor Day Foundation. You can be a member for $5. If you become a $10 member, you get to pick a set of 10 trees which grow well in your zone. They have a few sets to choose from. I am getting the Autumn collection of trees. They change colors in the fall. I joined that one, so I will be getting 10 autumn trees!!!

I know what you are thinking, but you do not have to plant them all in your yard. You can give some away! After all, most of these will grow to have 45 foot spreads and be 60 feet tall after 20 years!

$10 for 10 trees is a great deal! That is a dollar a tree! Plant one and give 10 away, or give all 10 away. Trees are great!

All of this, because my son asked me, “Mom, what is arbor day?” followed by, “When is arbor day?”


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