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Art History Lessons with My 7th Grade Daughter

I am trying to teach my daughter well enough that she can take a test and get college credit for art or for art history. This, I figure, is the one she is most interested in, so it should not be difficult for her. Enjoying lessons makes the lessons easier to learn and remember.

To teach her, I bought a few books about art, drasing and sketching, and quite a few art supplies. Just a couple weeks ago, k bought 2 Art History Apps. Today I decided to go through them today with my daughter. It went quite well. I really especially enjoyed her reaction to Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase.” Just seeing the reaction was priceless.

We used one app to go over titles and Artists for famous modern art. Then we used another app to go over titles, dates and cultures of Greek, Roman and Byzantine Art. I think she learned a lot, and I learned some, too. Some of the pieces I had never seen, and I had forgotten some of the artists. It has been 21 years since I took the Art History Series classes at the University and 16 years since I took the History of Modern Art. I do need constant review so that I can remember things.

I realize that just going over titles and aritsts or dates and cultures, is not a thorough way to teach art history. It would be better to go over the commonalities, features and distinctions between the art and their cultures and periods. However, I think it helps her to have been exposed to much more art at once so she can get at it from an overview perspective. I could also argue that something is better than nothing. My daughter has probably had more art history exposure than most college graduates (I am definitely not including anyone who will have studied more of the humanities).

Later, we will go into more detail. I do have Gardner’s Art Throught the Ages, 10th edition, which I will also use. I also have 2 awesome Usborne art history books. One is Famous Paintings and the other is Famous Artists, I think. I use them together. They work quite well for teaching kids!

You can get the Usborne kids art history books about famous artists and about famous paintings on my web site Lisa Jackson, Individual Consultant, Usborne books and More site.









Should you be wondering about how homeschooling works when I am doing this, I will tell you that I was having my kindergartener and pre-schooler watching a Leap Frog DVD and a Preschool Prep Co. DVD about numbers while I went over this Art History with my daughter. My other kid were all just playing, because I honestly cannot do everything at once.

If you are worried that the others do not learn at all, don’t. We just learn all day and all evening and even on weekends. We also learn year round. Math will be our focus after lunch. I plan to play The Safe Dart Game with the kids, giving all of us practice adding numbers in our heads quickly. Perhapa I will snap some photos and blog about it so you will understand how immensely a game review of mental math speeds things up when they are doing workbook type math!

Well, I need to give my daughter a turn on the IXL math app now, and I need to go eat lunch with the kids. They are already making lunch now.

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