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UNFPA United Nations Population Reduction Plan


http://www.unfpa.org/swop says: “Population in Progress: A demographic dividend is possible when the share of the working-age population grows relative to the non-working age, or dependent, population. Slide through the years to see when the working-age to non-working age ratio shifts. Dips in dependent populations reveal the greatest opportunities to utilize the global workforce.”

It is very important to the UNFPA (United Nations Population Reduction Plan) to know who is working and who is a dependent. When people retire from the workforce, whether or not they have money, they are cosidered a liability to the UNFPA.

Their goals are always aids in reducing the “dependents” number and increase the “working-age” number.

Do you know someone who is a dependent? I know a lot of them. Children dependents, they are fine with, since these will be working-age soon enough. However, even some children will never become working-able, and people above 65 or 70, especially if retired, but even if not, are also considered bad numbers–They are not good news numbers. Yes, to the UNFPA, they are just numbers. They are not loved ones.

Oh, my, check out this quote from an article about how an increased aging population does not have to be bad news. Here is on e solution. To make the aging more useful (because useful means in the workforce):

Raising the age of retirement to keep pension systems solvent will be politically difficult…but some countries have introduced incentive schemes and other measures to keep people working longer.”

Also, check out this recommendation. We just need universal health coverage. We just need socialism across the board. Socialist healthcare will make it so people can stay healthy longer! Stop with all this nonsense about freedom and crap. What you need is more years of being able to work!

“…Japan’s introduction of universal health coverage led to more treatment for high blood pressure, and therefore fewer strokes.”

“Ageing-related issues need more attention in the global framework being developed to follow the Millennium Development Goals,…”

Hmm Millenium Development Goals. I will check that out!

Here are some other possibilities for the aging people (to make sure their living is doing the UN some good–we would not want ones that do not do the UN any good):

“Conference attendees are also addressing flexible work in retirement, older farmers and demographic change, older volunteers as a potential resource including in emergencies and disaster preparedness, and intergenerational support at the household level.”

– See more at: http://www.unfpa.org/news/ageing-population-doesn%E2%80%99t-have-be-%E2%80%98time-bomb%E2%80%99-say-experts#sthash.SCyrVjfJ.dpuf

Also, if you do not know how to talk to your kids about sex, UNFPA can do it for you. Yay for that, eh? Phew. No more worrying about how to teach your kid using your own words and beliefs–That is just too stressful!

Here is what I learn by skimming their guide: 

First off, sexuality is part of a healthy social life. You just have to talk to your sexual partner and communicate well. There is no need to mention silly old-fashioned cultural things like dating or marriage. Next I learned how awful my parents were, “forcing me” into a “gender role.” Ach! Can you believe it? Awful! Their report will teach us  how to make our own decisions about whether we want to be feminine or masculine and whether we want to play this traditional gender role, or that one instead. People should let youth chose which gender orientation they prefer and should not be discriminated against.

Work toward “sustainable sexuality” by:

-making sure curricula is developed and teachers are trained in this stuff.

-using the media, political leaders, etc. to push for the implementation of putting UNFPA sexuality standards in schools and into the community (a whole chapter on how to do this). 

-draw World Health Organization’s health standards into the local policies. Use statistics which are local.

-publicly engage the opposition in arguments to make the opposition look bad.

This is only skimming to page 22 of 76.

On another topic, do not bother with the police. Report burglaries, sexual harrassment, etc., to unfpa!

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