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Freedom, Fairness, HSLDA and Homeschool Tax Credits

Should we be desiring the benefit of not having to pay taxes for public education, if we home educate? What is FAIR to all? Should we let some who need the money, have the option? 

I feel extremely strongly against the whole idea. Below, you will see why. This has been considered in Utah for a couple years now. Here is an article about the same consideration in Idaho. 

Jennifer Wennergren of Utah shared this on facebook:

“I think the sentence: 

“Even fine men and women who were philosophically opposed to the registration and testing of home educators were surprisingly willing to tolerate such interference as soon as we held our hands out to collect tax dollars.”  should give us all- supporters and non-supporters- pause.” 
She is quoting from this link:
I also wanted to note these pieces from the same link.

“We are sometimes asked why should those who don’t want the tax assistance keep those who want or need the credit from taking that benefit? The answer lies in the fact that the “accountability” imposed when a few home educators accept this tax credit will be imposed on all homeschooling families….We should not expect them to draw a careful distinction between families who accept the tax credit and those who do not. All will be lumped together once a tax credit is authorized….Is it fair to burden the many families who treasure their freedoms above the tax benefit just because a few other families want or even need the tax relief? (No)…We have worked far too hard and for far too long to secure our tremendous liberties to sacrifice them for a tax credit.”

Later, it says, “It will also open the door to the state beginning to compile a master list of the names of all children in the state who are taught at home, a compilation that we have opposed for many years.”

“ICHE, CHOIS, and HSLDA are united in their opposition to any tax credit bill which does not clearly exclude homeschoolers. A generation of homeschoolers have thrived under the freedoms which have been so painstakingly protected.”


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