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6 Year Old Spring Fever in My Primary Class!

Today is a very warm Spring day here. Because of that, I think that at church, my primary kids were (hyper?) VERY ENERGETIC AND LOUD when we went to class. Instead of telling them to stop being irreveverent, I thought about how they must feel. They have to sit still and be reverent all through Sacrament meeting. Then all through Primary opening excercises, they get some singing and movement, but still must mostly be quiet and sit still. They are only 6 year olds, so this has to be hard on them. God built them for play!

We said a prayer and I asked them to follow me quietly. We went outside. I hope they do not think we will every week, because I like variety. I told them to run to the fence and back. Then, while they played and roled around on the lawn around me, we discussed their lives. Two of them went to the lego exhibit. I feel bad. We have not gone yet. 

Then I asked them to please be reverent for the lesson and we went inside. The lesson was about baptism. They were reverent. At the end, I let them play on the chalkboard when they were done coloring. 

I usually do an indoor game at the beginning (a quiet version of a game which is usually not quiet). We do games at the beginning every week. Today there was no game but we went outside, colored, and played on the chalkboard.

I hope that with the way I teach, they learn to love coming to church. I don’t want them to just come for the fun, but I also do want kids to be kids. I don’t blame them for being hyper at age 6. They were given energy from a loving Heavenly Father. 

I do want them to learn to be reverent in the church house, and to learn the gospel in my class. However, I think that since they are public schooled, they are told to stay in their seats snd to sit still and to be quiet, all week long. I also want them to be friends with the others in the ward. If they are always told, like at school, not to talk to each other, then how can they become friends?

One week we played “fruit basket,” and I said no laughing, screaming or shouting because we are in the church house on a Sunday and people are learning ghe gospel. I told them to be reverent while playing it. You wouldn’t think they’d be able to, but they had no trouble with it at all! 

Another week, we played “Mother, May I?” and that game usually is a quiet one anyway. 

Plenty of times we act out the stories in the manual. When there is a story about, say, this little boy goes to that boy’s house to play, the kids get to act it out instead of just a boring reading or re-telling. We acted out Joseph Smith’s childhood daily life activities, like doing his chores, etcetera. The kids had a blast with that.


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