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Weber School District Early Intervention Preschool

I took my son to a preschool thing by Weber School District and stayed. While I was there, they were so mean to this little girl who had twisted legs who had a mental handicap I could not easily identify. They yelled at her to stop crying, forced her to go with the physical therapist when she was screaming she did not want to. Then I could see why she did not want to go with this therapist. I should not even give her the respect to call her a therapist, because it seemed her job was to let the little girl know how much she hated her. She was a very verbally and physically abusive person! She said (no, YELLED) the meanest things to the girl. I stayed late after class wanting to talk to the parent and tell the parent what was going on, but the mean therapist and other mean staff marched her out to the bus and put her in. 

When the girl came back from therapy, into the preschool class, they did not educated her in any way. There was a circle for kids to learn and they did not take her to the circle. She was crying lots. I said, “That girl is crying. What do you think she needs? Can’t she come to the circle to participate?” A teacher assistant said to me, “Oh, no. We are used to it. She does this every day. She just wants attention. Just ignore her.”

Um, really? “We are used to it?” In other words, every day they ignore her, every day the therapist is mean, every day they yell mean things to her, every day they do not move her into the circle to learn.

Not only were they teaching the kids in that room the alphabet. They were also teaching every kid in the room not to have compassion, not to be loving and kind and not to care about people.p and their feelings. They were teaching 15 preschool kids to yell verbal mean words at people, to force people to do things they do not want to do, that adults have the power to be mean and get to use it, to ignore people who cry, etcetera. 

There was no way I was going to take my son there again. Even if they had treated him the way I would have liked, my son would have learned un-empathy and there was no way I wanted that! 

However, besides that, there was more! They gave the kids no potty break in 3 hours. Hello! 

The only think I have been able to do is tell everyone this story whenever they want to send their child to the free public school preschool for kids who need early intervention. 

I cannot imagine, if they acted like that while I was there, what it was like with no observing parent there! Can you imagine? 

I felt like there was just an understanding among staff members that all of this was fine and great and that nobody would ever tell a parent. It hurts my heart that this little girl was in that preschool and that the school district employees could be that cruel and heartless.


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