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Truths About Homeschooling, in Order to Dispel the Myths about Homeschooling

Public schooling is something our family has a history with, and it IS NOT EASIER THAN HOMESCHOOLING. IT IS ABOUT THE SAME in terms of stress on the mom and dad. The stress is from different aspects. Some stressors, you add or give up when your kids are in public school. Some, you add or give up when you homeschool.


MYTHS are rampant about this. The following are TRUTHS!

1- My kids (legally) do NOT TAKE TESTS, do not legally have to learn certain prescribed things, nor do they get the kind of stuff public school families call homework. They do get assignments and are given responsibilities. If they don’t do them, they have consequences which are individualized base on the child’s interests. Housework and gardening assignments are just as important in this area as the academic learning ones. I teach LDS DOCTRINE and values in homeschool. I teach with many different methods and I am not good at following a schedule. 

2- We (legally) do not keep track of days of attendance, subjects taught or number of friends made.

3- Sometimes for fun and experiment, the kids and mom use alarm clocks. Mostly, they are toys in our house.

4- We TRY TO shower, eat breakfast and get dressed before noon.

5- Some learning is done on WEEKENDS, some LATE AT NIGHT and some IN THE SUMMERTIME. I used to track when the kids were learning something I wanted them to learn, until I figured out that other homeschool families had it right– EVERYONE IS ALWAYS LEARNING.  I do my best to be a better person so my kids can learn only good things from me. WE DO GO ON FIELD TRIPS a lot more than any public schooling families and a lot less than most homeschooling families. We no longer keep track of number of field trips.

6- YES, WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH SCHOOL. I can legally issue them a homeschool diploma. They are likely going to go to a University and hopefully, I will be good at helping the ones interested in getting done with their Associates degrees early, to do so via CLEP, DSST and AP tests so that we can have a lack of need for a High School Diploma. Kids of mine who do choose this have a mom who has read up on this and knows much about how to teach early college test prep from home. None of my kids will be going to classes at a community college, college or University while they are children, but they will be able to get their Associates Degrees by going on campus to take the tests, should they so choose.

7- The original reason our family started homeschooling and the reasons we have now are very different.

8- I do not think people who public school are less than me or not as good as me. I am surprised at how often I hear from people, that they think I am looking down my nose at everyone around me. NOPE! I am far from perfect. I know that. There is a beam in my eye. Before I help you get the mote out of your eye, I will try to remember to first to remove the beam from my eye.

9- I love teaching my kids, coaching them to learn, our homeschooling friendships, homeschooling, etcetera. I really do. It has its hard things, but public schooling has them, too.

10- I do not believe that any child or adult is smarter than any other. I simply believe that everyone has different kinds of “Smart” or intelligence. If you have not found one in someone yet, that does not mean it does not exist. Just keep searching and one day, you will find it. It is likely an intelligence the world does not find important. I guarantee you, these are likely the MOST IMPORTANT and valuable ones in existence! Heavenly Father knows this!


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