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Homeschool Socialization Like Jesus Christ’s

My goal for socialization for my homeschooled kids is this: I want them to be socialized the way Jesus was so that they can become like Jesus.
Luke 2:52

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”

From when Jesus was a baby and toddler until he was 12 and went to the temple, worrying his mother half to death, that is all we have about Jesus’ childhood.

However, we can get a lot out of that. 

1- He increased in wisdom. It says wisdom, not memorization, by the way. Being wise is much different from memorizing and completing standards. It says nothing of tests or graduation. He developed a strong mind and he learned. Wisdom means knowledge used in the best way possible. Wisdom is knowledge and knowing how to apply it in the best possible way. Wisdom is knowledge plus righteous use of that knowledge. 

I do not believe a person can be wise who does not know, respect, pray to and obey God. I do not believe a person can have wisdom and not have Charity. I believe Jesus in His childhood learned how to love others, be a good listener, have empathy and apply the scriptures and His religion, to daily life.

2- He increased in stature. He became physically strong and healthy in body. I think “stature” means physical abilities and muscles. 

3- He increased in favor with God first. It does not say “with man and God.” He first increased in favor with God. I think this means He learned to obey the commandments, to learn of God and to obey God. I am sure he learned the religious customs of the Jews. He learned the scriptures and did many things to please God, including service. He ledned the scriptures and word of God well enough to go teach the men who workd in the temple many things they did not before understand. I am sure He learned about God, His Father, and much of it, from prayer and fasting, from listening to God and from trying and testing God’s principles.

4- He increased in favor with man. I think this means He learned Socialization, but a God-pleasing, Mom-and-dad pleasing kind of socialization. I think this means that He learned how to honor his mom and dad, the customs and traditions of the Jews in His land, the customs and traditions of other peoples around him, how to treat others, and so forth. I think this means He learned to be kind, to be friendly, to deal with rude and two-faced people. I think He learned his manners. I think this means He learned how to groom and clean himself properly, how to eat, how to clean and work. I think it could mean that He learned the academic items necessary to function in His society and things children were expected to learn, such as reading, writing, math, science, history and the arts. I think He likely played and talked with other people of all ages. He probably had friends who were kids near His age.


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