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Tangible Homeschooling Perks!

This is inspired by a comment on a blog post, wherein the author has just decided to homeschool. She askes in her blog post, for people to tell her what they may be, if ther are any tangible perks to homeschooling. Why, yes, there are! There are many. Here are a few to start with.

1- Hugs and kisses all day long, every day, from all my kids of all ages, is tangible and delectable.

2- Knowing immediately when something is wrong and being there for them right them to dry their tears and hold their cheek to mine, is tangible.

3- My child not being told by others what to like or dislike (fads) saves tangible money.

4- Touching trees and grass and garden plants and soil with my kids is tangible.

5- Playing with my son’s curly locks while I help him with his learning, every day, all day long, is tangible.

6- Being the one who is there to do cooking, art and science experiments with my kids, is tangible.

7- Feeling the Holy Ghost and love in my home on good days when everyone is peaceful, when we are learning the gospel and learning to sing primary songs and hymns together for our daily lessons, is tangible.

8- Being able to hold my child’s hand while he learns to hold his pencil, is tangible. 

9- Having school-aged kids always sitting on my lap and around me, leaning on my chest and on my shoulders, daily, when others have their kids away from them, is tangible.

10- Touching the food my children will eat every day, is tangible.

11- Having immediate hugs, touches on the shoulder, and so forth, when I have a bad moment or a bad day, is tangible. Here is an example. I was going through a miscarriage for 6 weeks. My pre-teen daughter was always hugging me and crying with me. She was great. I cannot imagine how much tougher it would have been to go through this without her by my side! 

I could go on forever…


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