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Warnings from My Personal Dreams, Visions and From Personal Revelation

I have had many dreams, visions and personal revelations which I feel to share with others. Here are the things I have learned from them in summary:

1- Three free government backed programs that originate from Karl Marx and the ancient communist Russian ideas, will be introduced this year or in Winter of next year (before the end of March 2016) in the U.S. and the majority will want to sign up for and try them, since they are great and they are free. We must think of what programs we have which originated in the U.S. for the same purposes, which are better, and stick with those. We must not fall for this trick and these 3 free programs.

I must add that we will have to REMEMBER what it USED TO BE LIKE in the American, U.S. systems and the current U.S. systems competing with the Russian ones at this time will be very poorly managed and slow, so that people determined and in need will either have to resort to having a very hard time getting what is needed, or will just go sign up for the new U.S. Federal Govt. programs from Russia.

There will be some people who will not need to try for either, as they will not need either. I hope I will be in this group.

2- A government program giving us (and helping us in managing) money, for small business entrepeneurs will be tempting to many. It will also be presented before March of 2016, but will require the freedom to run the business as the individual wishes. It will appear good and awesome and innocent, but the idea is Fascist and is to be avoided at all costs! I have an entrepeneurial small business, which is why I think God warned me about this.

3- The baby boomer generation will be great at getting their children ready and prepared, but must get themselves prepared, too. The younger adults will not be so good at preparing because they will be distracted by “devices” and other such technology fads. They will need handholding to help them focus and get it done. Those born 1984 and on are included in this group. I was specifically shown “1984.” The generation in the middle of these 2 must be warned and as soon as they completely understand the warnings, they will start to get ready well and quickly. The baby boom generation will help them in their preparations while ignoring their own preparation needs.

4- God will help each of his children find exactly what they need to get or work on next, as soon as they ask for it. They will find it easily, but will have to do the work God asks them to do to get it. God will lead them right to it. Then He will lead them right to the next thing needed, etc.

5- My friend pointed this out to me about the interpretation of my dream, and I agree with it. Each individual will be led to different things besides just the basics that their family needs, so that the whole body of the saints will have collectively what is needed by all. 

6- The calamities we need to prepare for which are awful, will come whether the majority of the saints believe it will or not! These things coming to not depend on the beliefs of the saints about whether they will happen soon or not. They will happen when God knows they will happen, no matter what people think or believe.

7- There will be tent cities and we will be there with our church leadership. Not everyone will be in a tent, per se. I will be in a shack made from plywood. There will eventually be a lot of widows in the tent cities. There will be chances for dating and remarrying for single people. 


4 thoughts on “Warnings from My Personal Dreams, Visions and From Personal Revelation

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was married in 1984. I felt the need to prepare and begin to use and store wheat early on. Soon after my husband got his first job out of school, we bought a year supply from a guy selling food storage system. We later had to discard it, but from the get go I have felt the pull to prepare and gather provisions. My kids are coming around, but not all. I’ve had personal revelation directing me to prepare and not worry about who believes what, so that when “it” becomes self evident, those who once did not believe will have refuge with us. My intelligent, lovely daughter who is 15 recently told me she was concerned about who she would find to marry. I had a picture in my minds’ eye and assured her she would find true happiness, even in a tent city situation. the Lord knew who was for her, and would prepare her husband for her when the time came. It would be awesome. She felt alot better after that.

    Great things are on the horizon.

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    • That’s neat, Pauline. My parents were really into preparing when I was a kid. Now, they do a bit, but not much, for themselves. They helped their kids a lot. My dad put up a lot of grapejuice for us and gave it to us.


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