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Advice for Moms with New Babies, to Help them Sleep 

Do you have a new baby and trouble sleeping with the new erratic schedule? I am so sorry! Hang in there!

     I have had that problem many times, but being a mother to new babies many times has taught me a lot. I discovered over time: Calcium/Magnesium supplements, Serenity and Calms Forte will help me sleep. Lack of exercise and the effects of salt and chocolate on my system keep me from sleeping.

     Chocolate, sugar and salt will not help you sleep at night. If you have been eating salty things too much, cut down! If you eat chocolate during the day to keep you awake, or if you take in things which have the same effect (caffiene), cut down on it. Sugar during the day will keep you wired at night.

     Magnesium supplements do wonders, DoTerra essential oil Serenity is awesome. Calms forte is a milk-based homeopathic tiny pill that is all natural and helps you sleep. I love it. 

     Exercise during the day helps you sleep at night. Getting enough to eat in the day helps you sleep at night. Not having a crazy long do list helps you sleep. Not worrying helps you sleep. If you worry a lot or have a long to-do list, write a new do list that is similar to this one:

Mom’s Do-List With a New Baby

1- Get up when you have to and sleep whenever you get a chance.

2- Keep the baby (and other kids, if any) and yourself alive.

3- Shower and get dressed. Showering every day is a luxury when you have a newbie. At least get it in every other day!

4- Eat 3 healthy, balanced meals a day and feed the kids when they need it.

5- Dress and change kids when needed.

6- Pray and read scriptures.

     I do not even have a newbie anymore. I still use this list. My youngest is older. However, I still stick to this list. It keeps me sane. Having a newbie makes it extra necessary to have a do list like this one. When you have a newbie which makes it so you never get a normal 8 hour night of sleep, you just have to forget housework. Buy disposable dinnerware and buy easy to make meal items (from a can or microwave dinner or easy fresh foods) for a while. Arrange around your husband’s or a hired helper’s schedule, for regular, scheduled naptimes. If they are at the same times daily, your body will accustom itself to them.

     I also made a 24 hour clock chart every week, and wrote when the baby is awake and asleep, with the goals of:

1- knowing when I would get to go to sleep so my brain could plan on it (not just at night but in the day)

2- being able to gradually manipulate awake times so as to have sleep times for the baby, at closer to normal times

This group is to support moms who have pre-partum and post-partum depression or the baby blues.


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