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L.D.S. Preparedness, THE BASICS FIRST!!!

This is my advice regarding preparedness:

     Before you worry about a tent, a pandemic, an emergency radio and a camping stove, please do the basics. The basics recommended by the church should be your priority. Once those items are in place, then worry about all the other things people recommend for you.

First: Water 


2 weeks of water

choose a water purification method and be prepared for that


Second: Food Storage


3 supply of the basics of what your family normally eats which will last 30 years

The basics are the things in the food storage calculator here: 


     Why I cannot find it from the providentliving.org or on lds.org anymore, I know is because of the new law. Religious institutions cannot require of their congregations, to have certain amounts listed for food storage, anymore. If they do, they must report to the federal government how much each member of the congregation has, each year. This I learned from Jack Monnett’s  book “Awakening to Our Awful Situation.”

     About the “things your family normally eats” part: If you eat more oats than rice and more rice than bread, buy accordingly. They mean if you use jam for pb&j a lot, make jam one of the main “sugars” items you buy. If you use honey instead of sugar in your diet for sweetening, buy accordingly. However, get things you normally eat “which will last 30 years.”

Third: Financial Reserves

The link leads to this https://www.lds.org/topics/finances?lang=eng which says to:

1- Pay 10% tithing and fast offerings

2- Avoid Debt or get out of debt using a debt calculator. I recommend following the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps plan because it works very well, he is funny and his plan motivated us and got us excited so that we actually do stuff instead of just talking about it.

3- Gradually build a financial reserve which is for emergencies only

4- Teach family members financial management, budgeting, hard work and about the importance of an education

     No amount or number of months for the financial reserve is listed, so decide on this with your spouse.

Other important items:





LDS Family Services (mental, emotional, relationship health)

Physical Health

Welfare Services (when you are prepared, serve and help others)

5 thoughts on “L.D.S. Preparedness, THE BASICS FIRST!!!

  1. Great advice, Lisa! I’m working on these things and sometimes it gets really tempting tonspend money on fun gadgets but I am gently but repeatedly reminded that food needs to be my highest priority.

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