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“Homeschooling Middle School: Academics & Socialization”

I just stayed up late writing an outline for my non-fiction book about homeschooling middle school, written for for experienced homeschool moms (who have taught elementary school). I am so excited! I really could have used this for going through the teaching of middle school for the first time. Since I want others coming along after me to have the help I wish I’d had, I am writing this book.

I have planned out goals for how many words to write for each portion of each chapter so that I can go in and write without fear of writing. Seeing a word count to aim for with each section will help me write a little each day instead of ignoring the book a little each day. The latter would do me no good.
I am aiming for 17,000 words right now. I am aiming to sell it in the Amazon Kindle store as an E-Book for $2.99 per digital copy. This book is for seasoned homeschool moms who are facing for the first time, the teaching of a middle schooler. Middle school in the U.S. includes 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I will just explain what I did and how it worked for me, and what my child did and how it worked for my child.

I want the most important focuses of the book to be academics and socialization. I think those are the main concerns for most homeschooling parents who would buy a book about it. 


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